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Lawn Care & Maintenance

We provide routine lawn maintenance which includes a professional mow, edging around sidewalks and driveways, weed eating around house, trees, fences, and  flower beds. All clippings will be blown off to provide a nice clean appearance to your professionally manicured lawn.  Our crew uses only the best commercial equipment available to ensure a high quality mow.


Our services are timed with the demands of the season. As the grass starts to grow in mid to late March, we provide bi-weekly services. From April through October as grass is growing at a faster rate we provide weekly services. After October we return to bi-weekly services as the growth starts to slow down until it becomes dormant in mid-November when it will no longer need mowing. During the mowing season, each client will be assigned a specific day which will remain consistent throughout the season. These days may be subject to change, however due to weather conditions. In this event, the client will be notified.


 Additional lawn services are also provided upon request. These include but are not limited to:

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Flower Bed Clean Up

Yard Clean Up

Leaf Clean Up

Regular shrub trimming can provide your lawn with a clean and polished appearance. At Precision Lawn and Landscaping, our professionals are knowledgeable about all shrub types and how best to keep them trimmed and maintained. We will provide a precise straight cut and clean up all clippings to leave your shrubs looking pristine.

Over time, lack of proper flower bed maintenance can lead to weed growth which can quickly spread out of control. Our trained experts can de-weed your flower beds and get them back in shape to be the beautiful flower beds that they’re meant to be.

During spring and fall, lawns can accumulate leaves, branches, and other debris that leave the yard looking unkempt and also prevent grass from receiving maximal sunlight. In order to prevent damage to the lawn, we provide clean up services to remove all of the debris and tidy up the yard allowing the grass to grow to its fullest potential.

During the fall season leaves continuously fall from the trees. As they accumulate on the ground they can block sunlight from the grass and in the presence of water can promote the development of mold and fungi. In order to prevent this, we will come out as needed to remove the leaves, which allows access of sunlight and oxygen to the grass.

 Tree Pruning & Removal


Gutter Clean Outs

We have the experience and knowledge to provide excellent tree pruning services to get your trees back into their best shape. In addition to tree pruning we also do tree removals.

We deliver and install many different types of mulch.  Our landscaping team can help you decide which type of mulch will best complement your lawn and flower beds.

Clogged gutters can impede water flow which can create shingle damage or even roof leaks. We are available to clean gutters in order to keep proper water flow and prevent roof damage.

Sod Installation

We will deliver and install high quality sod to ensure that your yard looks its very best. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new lawn or simply to just repair dead patches, we will ensure that your new sod has an exceptional appearance as it is installed by highly experienced professionals. All of our work includes tilling to remove old grass and weeds, raking, and leveling prior to laying the sod and to finish off we roll the grass to ensure a smooth and polished appearance. All of our labor is completely warrantied. At the time of service we will provide an instruction packet on how to properly care for your newly laid sod to ensure that it roots and grows in properly.


We offer a variety of sod types. Sod is sold per pallet with each pallet covering 450 square feet.

Raleigh St. Augustine

(best for full sunlight)

Palmetto St. Augustine

(good for withstanding heavy traffic and shade tolerant)

Delmar St. Augustine

(grows well in fully shaded areas)

Bermuda Grass


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